Starter Kit

The Hello Day Starter Kit is designed to help get your business up & running! You have everything you need to try and share the brand.

Compensation Plan x2: This booklet gives you in-depth details on how to max your earning potential. It’s an essential guide if you wish to build a team

Branded Tote Bag: This sturdy cotton HD tote bag is a perfect way for you to promote your business, make deliveries, and it’s also an excellent shopper

Product Boxes: People love to touch and feel product, with one of each product box, you have a tool to physically put in someone’s hands to read

Seasonal Box: The perfect way to experience the HD concept. Contains four seasonally edited products. (Seasonal Boxes vary depending on the season)

Product Samples: Complimentary Digestion Detox

Recipe Cards: Smoothie recipe cards (x4) created by in-house nutritionist Lily Soutter

Brochures x20: The perfect brand & product overview in one brochure

Start your Hello Day journey with the essential Hello Day starter kit! You’ll have all the tools you need to sample and display the brand. Each kit includes a seasonal box (up-dated seasonally) containing 4 products, an organic canvas tote bag, 10 product brochures, a set of empty product boxes, great smoothie recipes, extra product to sample and more.