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Why is beauty care so important for Autumn?

Autumn is a transitional season that falls between periods of intense heat and extreme cold. The build-up of toxins during summer cause nutritional imbalances and a weakened immune system, while the onset of wet weather and fading light can lead to tiredness and the risk of developing seasonal depression.

But the arrival of Autumn doesn’t just affect our internal physical being and mental state … our outward appearance is also at a low point.

By repairing dull, damaged or undernourished skin and hair now, you can be prepared for the harsher conditions and challenges that come with the Autumn and Winter months.

What are the problems caused by Summer?

Summer can be pretty tough on our skin, leaving it dry and dehydrated – after being exposed to the sun, sea and chlorine during the holidays. Chlorine strips away the natural oils on hair while sea salt damages the cuticle.

Too much sun exposure triggers the production of highly reactive free radicals, which can be potentially harmful to the skin by damaging cells or even creating abnormal ones. Oxidative damage is thought to lead to premature ageing and even cancer.

High summer temperatures cause perspiration which allows the body to get rid of toxins … however, it also removes numerous minerals and other vital substances for maintaining hair and skin health. A change in diet during the warmer months also leads to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

How to restore skin and revitalise hair before Winter

As Autumn leaves turn dry, our skin and hair are also sapped of moisture by chilling winds, dry cold air and the central heating. Staying hydrated helps prevent dry, flaky skin and lifeless-looking hair and nails – on the inside as well as outside.

Exfoliate face and body with a very gentle scrub once or twice weekly to remove dead cells then nourish skin with rich moisturising creams, serums and hydrating masks. Take care of dry and brittle nails by moisturising hands regularly, rubbing cream into your cuticles and nail beds. And treat hair to a deep conditioning revitaliser, such as a home-made hot coconut oil treatment, to help make it soft and shiny. In fact, nourishing, regenerating and anti-oxidant liquid wax oils, such as sesame, argan or jojoba, are all highly beneficial when applied to skin and hair.Staying active flushes toxins from the body for clearer, healthier skin. Exercise also releases endorphins to help you beat the winter blues and stay positive – however cold or grey the Autumn days may become.

Vitamins are also essential to maintaining healthy skin and hair, but the amount our bodies produce can be insufficient for our daily needs, which is why a dietary intake or supplement is therefore essential. For instance, Cystine is an amino acid containing sulphur and an essential protein component that encourages hair and nail growth and hardens nails. It plays a part in the synthesis of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin and hair colour.

Vitamin B6 contributes towards making skin soft and smooth and helps with keratin synthesis for healthy hair. It also encourages the synthesis of neurotransmitters such as adrenalin, dopamine, tryptophan and serotonin, playing a part in dealing with stress and depression management. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant to combat sun-related skin damage and is said to stimulate collagen production and fade brown sun spots.

Horsetail has been a herbal remedy for centuries. Like Vitamin C, it’s an anti-oxidant and contains many nutrients and minerals, such as silicon, to help strengthen brittle fingernails, stimulate hair growth and improve skin texture.

You can also complement your diet with Hello Day natural infusions and digestive enzyme supplements, carefully chosen for their efficacy and seasonal health benefits and formulated by doctors and pharmacists.

You can also complement your diet with Hello Day natural and organic infusions and digestive enzyme supplements, carefully chosen for their efficacy and seasonal health benefits and formulated by doctors and pharmacists.

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